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WEllness COaching

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Designed for the person who has struggled with nutrition, wants to feel and look healthy from the inside out, and is ready to make a lifestyle overhaul to better their health. WELL X ARIEL takes a deep dive into your nutritional and lifestyle habits to create real and lasting change. This coaching program will educate you on the science of food and its direct effect on the body, will help you identify the key barriers that are holding you back from achieving your best health, will provide you with the tools and strategies necessary to reach your goals, and ultimately, will optimize your overall approach to nutrition, self care and lifestyle to enable true, sustained change, healthily and happily.


ACHIEVE REAL RESULTS. Understanding how the body works and the effect of food on critical systems will shift your approach to how you feed and nurture your body. From detoxing, to weight management, to managing chronic illness, the WELL X ARIEL coaching program facilitates:

Weight management and fat reduction

Improved gut health

Supported detoxification process

Reduction in chronic inflammation

Improved sleep quality

Decreased anxiety

Improved skin health and complexion

Feeling of balance and wellbeing

GET A CUSTOMIZED APPROACH. Wellness plans are customized and tailored to your specific needs and goals, all of which are founded in what works for you, your schedule, your body, your life. Depending on your specific food requirements and preferences, we identify your why’s, create the actions, and teach you how to apply it to your life. We accommodate and enhance your approach to nutrition with customized food guides, and dive deep into other lifestyle factors that can affect health, as well as adapt plans to specific diets such as paleo, primal, pescatarian, keto, and more.

GET ACCESS TO THE BEST. Our program takes a holistic approach to your nutritional habits and wellness goals. In order to address specific health issues, you will get access to Ariel’s network of top wellness experts and healing specialists.


1:1 Private Sessions (60-minute)

Corporate programs

Available to train onsite at any location, or virtual.


One 60-minute session $175. Action plan included.

Four 60-minute sessions $600. Action plan included. To be used within 30 days of purchase.

Corporate program pricing available upon request.