Private Training & Wellness Coaching

“Ariel is an excellent trainer and coach. She is an "Haute Couture” teacher, knows the human body extremely well and excels at killing fat and making the body as lean as can be. - Laura Hilburn


“Amongst a sea of trainers there’s always one or two that leave a lasting impression. Given Ariel’s  dance and skating background, her innate ability to understand what is needed mentally and physically to provide the optimum results in the shortest window of time is Ariel’s skill set. I can’t think of anyone else I would have wanted to work out with as much as her after having 2 babies. She got me back into my side 26s post partum and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is serious about seeking real results and who is interested in focused fun with a great dynamic work out.” – Frances Katzen

“Working with Ariel was a highlight to my week. She radiates positivity and encouragement while pushing you to reach the next level in your fitness game. Her attention to detail made the world of difference in not only making sure every inch of me was worked out, but also in correcting my posture and form. What I've learned from her as a trainer extends far beyond a good workout, as she is also an inspiring role model of someone who incorporates health and wellness into all aspects of her life!”- Maddelaine Rich

“Ariel teaches with a kind spirit & is dedicated to improving your overall body of health.” - Alysia Seidon

“Even in large classes, Ariel has this ability to immediately include you in the entire experience and makes everyone feel welcome. Her level of creativity is astounding, where every session and class with her is actually fun, her energy is infectious and she is unbelievably motivating. The amazing thing is that no matter where you are in the room, she can spot you anywhere and pinpoint incorrect form and movement with each client, while also taking into account their weaknesses and injuries. I’ve never had a boring or unchallenging workout.” - Jessica Shay

“In working with Ariel closely for several months-I have found her to possess a unique set of knowledge and keen awareness of movement in a way that I have never encountered before. She clearly understands the body, and has helped bring me back from both an ACL surgery, and a back surgery. I never thought I would be able to play recreational basketball again, but she taught me how to move more efficiently and thoughtfully with the proper support and strength needed to prevent re injury and to keep me healthy through each stage of recovery. She truly provides profound life-changing, transformational results, and I couldn’t have gotten back to athlete status without her.” - Jaqueline Sloan

“Ariel is the first instructor I’ve ever worked with that immediately took note of my form with a meticulous eye in every movement I made—whether it was dance, jumping jacks, Pilates, strength training, stretching, even when I was just standing. Ariel not only corrected my form, but she has taught and instilled in me an awareness of my form at all times along with the knowledge of which muscles I’m using in all of my movement, that I now incorporate into all aspects of my life inside the studio and out. She was the one who actually addressed the root of my problems and corrected the causes of each one incrementally, completely transforming my body from the inside out” - Sarah Lin

“The Well X Ariel program has truly changed my life. It was a complete overhaul of my nutritional lifestyle, but Ariel truly transformed my body with her approach to nutrition and fitness. I loved the step by step layering process that she uses, so that losing weight is actually doable, and more importantly, it’s sustainable! Her approach to nutrition through educating you on the science behind it all made me feel supported in ways that other nutritionists and diets have traditionally failed me. I now feel confident in the tools that she has given me so that I can stay on the wagon in a way that is manageable for my life. Thank you Ariel.” - Lisa Wen