Private Training & Wellness Coaching


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Our most popular individual or small group training session, TONE X ARIEL is high intensity interval training infused with dance, yoga, and pilates. Add a specialized curated experience to your weekly or monthly routine, that caters to your specific needs, goals, and results. Private training sessions are either one on one, or host your own semi private group class. Add another layer to your workout routine that will redefine how you move and function in all aspects of your life.

Set to heart-pumping music, your cardio is disguised with dance moves, and the circuits are worked in throughout, focusing on proper movement patterns, functional stability, strength, and power. Using multidisciplinary techniques and minimal equipment, this full body workout lengthens, strengthens, and tones your muscles. It is finished off with a guided meditation and stretch. Designed specifically towards those who are looking to add something new to their current routine, who want to workout within a more private setting, or with a smaller, more intimate group, in order maximize care and attention. Suitable for all levels.


ACHIEVE REAL RESULTS. Proven to challenge the mind and the body, workout sessions are fun and creative, use a variety of different resistances, can be adapted to small and larger groups settings, and are geared towards enhancing the benefits of a cross training regimen.

HOLISTIC ACTIVATION. Each workout is designed specifically to engage the full body as well as the mind. In addition to developing lean and toned muscle by working every muscle group, each and every workout will create new pathways in the brain, proven to increase memory and recall, drive a surge of endorphins, and improve overall brain health and longevity.

DO IT RIGHT. Each session focuses on the use of proper form and function in order to build lean muscle. We will move in all planes of motion, target specific parts of the body, and execute healthy and beneficial movement that will maximize joint health, balance, flexibility, core strength, and muscle tone.


1:1 Private Sessions (60-minute)

Small Group Private Training (60-minute)

Four Day Intensive (60-minute consecutive sessions)

Corporate programs and group retreats.

Available to train onsite at any location, or virtual.


One 60-minute session $300. Wellness consult included.

Intro: Four 60-minute sessions $1000. Wellness plan included. To be used within 30 days of purchase.

Corporate program and retreat pricing available upon request.