Private Training & Wellness Coaching

            Training & coaching women who are struggling with gaining lean muscle tone, losing weight, and achieving optimal mobility, to look as lean as they can be & to kill excess body fat, so that they feel confident & strong, and feel their absolute best from the inside out.


CERTIFIED NASM master trainer. & CERTIFIED primal health coach.

With over a decade of experience designing customized programs, Ariel is a master in transforming clients, and keeping them on top of their game. She has been a top instructor among the most influential and ground breaking fitness methods in NYC & LA.

A recognized expert in the field of fitness, Ariel’s roster of clientele includes Emmy award winners, Oscar award winners, Grammy award winning artists, and elite athletes. 

Ariel’s specialized programs are specifically tailored to the individual, and combine the principles of dance with exercise science. Each program consists of stability, strength, power, and flexibility training with an emphasis on correct form and optimal function. With Ariel’s many specializations, programs are infused with elements of high intensity interval training, corrective exercise, injury rehabilitation, pre & post natal modifications, and/or high performance athletic training.





Highly recognized within the health and fitness world, Ariel has been a certified fitness professional since 2007. Since then, Ariel has been working with top tier, industry leading boutique fitness companies as Creative Content Director and as a Director of Professional Development. She specializes in creating customized private training programs and group class programming that utilizes cutting edge techniques that are focused on the latest wellness methods and break throughs in exercise science. In addition to personal training with private clients, Ariel has a passion for helping studios develop and implement a trainer certification program, ensuring each studio’s programming is consistent, reflects top level trainer performance, and promotes client acquisition and retention.

Originally from Palo Alto, California, Ariel grew up as a classically trained dancer and competitive figure skater. From a young age in high level competition, Ariel became skilled in maintaining her health while staying at peak performance levels.

Upon graduating from UC Berkeley with a BA in architecture, Ariel moved to New York City to pursue a professional career in dance, where she landed roles in several regional theater productions of Beauty and the Beast, West Side Story, Contact, and Swing!, dance contracts on Celebrity Cruises, as well as appearances in film and TV. Having to stay fit, focused, and healthy as a professional dancer led her to other opportunities in fitness, including roles in Shaun T’s video workout series, INSANITY and ASYLUM, as well as promotional commercials for Hip Hop Abs and Rockin’ Body.

With over a decade of experience working one on one with a wide variety of clientele, as well as teaching group classes in New York City, Ariel takes on a holistic and comprehensive approach to creating customized programs for all of her clients. By utilizing top tier fitness and wellness methods, as well as the latest in exercise science, each curriculum is designed specifically to her client’s individual needs, goals, and results. Her small group classes are high intensity, dance inspired, and are intended to give the most comprehensive and effective workout in just one hour. Her coaching style keeps an eye on form and correct alignment, to push when necessary, and to provide encouragement along the way, while always keeping it fun. Whatever your fitness level, Ariel will help you find your way to success in the most effective, balanced, and healthy way possible.




NASM Master Trainer, Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) | NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES) | NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES) | Pre & Post Natal Specialist | TRX | Zumba | Hypopressive Method | Mat Pilates | Certified Primal Health Coach | CPR | AED